The Art of the Bad Deal

When Donald Trump spoke in New Hampshire he pointed out that when the US government negotiates deals, it loses.  He’s right.  The US concedes while getting nothing in return.  The Iran deal would give Iran relief from sanctions while providing no assurance that it won’t eventually develop nuclear weapons.  The climate deal with China allows it to continue polluting the atmosphere while the US must cut emissions immediately (see previous post on this subject).  The proposed deal to restore relations with Cuba gives Cuba access to trade and potentially a lucrative tourism boost while giving us nothing.  I’m not opposed to normalizing relations with Cuba.  After all, we normalized relations with Vietnam where 58,000 US troops died.  How many died in Cuba?  As a sign of good faith, however, we should at least get the repatriation of the violent US criminals, including a “cop killer”, that Cuba has been harboring for decades.  What about the TPP?  We don’t know because it’s a secret.  Any deal that could affect employment, our standard of living, our sovereignty, or our Constitutional rights shouldn’t be a secret.   What happened to transparency?

Mr. Trump’s second point, that we lose because we have inept negotiators, is incorrect.  We don’t lose because of incompetence, we lose by intent.  We lose because this administration wants us to lose.  Any loss that advances the progressive agenda, expands the power of the Federal government, or serves the UN agenda of dragging down developed western nations to make the world “fair” is a good loss.  Why else would a President who is sworn to uphold the Constitution agree to any treaty that could compromise our rights within our own borders?

Since we lose by intent there is no solution within the current administration.  It’s up to the voters to elect officials who are willing to uphold our sovereignty and “put America first” as the President once said.  Here’s a message for all you fair-minded progressives.  The USA didn’t become a great country because some socialist club like the UN bestowed that status upon us.  The USA became great because generation after generation worked for it, fought for it, and died to protect our freedom.  If you don’t like this country or can’t respect this heritage you’re free to leave.

2016 Update:  While TPP may be one of the president’s globalist objectives, some of his strongest supporters, environmentalists, are concerned that TPP could be used to subvert their Clean Power efforts.  It looks like TPP might be an even worse deal than we thought.