Mexico City Policy

The “Mexico City Policy” is a foreign policy that prohibits US aid to other countries from being used to perform or promote abortions.  It began under the Reagan presidency and has been turned on or off every time party control of the White House changed.  Globalists have criticized President Trump for reinstating this policy, which was canceled by President Obama, while many religious and right-to-life groups have praised his action.

For those of you who don’t care about the religious aspect I’ll present a secular argument for it beginning with this question: why should women in other countries think that US taxpayers owe them free abortions?  We’re not taking care of our own citizens!  Many people still don’t have health insurance.  A recent survey revealed that 30% of people who have Obamacare policies don’t seek needed health care because they can’t afford the astronomical deductibles.  An estimated 22 US veterans commit suicide every day because they can’t get adequate health care through the dysfunctional VA.  We also have homeless veterans freezing on the streets and being attacked by street thugs.  We have children who go to school hungry every day and elderly people dying because they can’t afford their medications.  We have a drug abuse epidemic that’s destroying lives and families every day.  Now, tell me why we owe people in other countries free abortions.

As I said once before, we are not the world’s sugar daddy.

We the people want the president to be honest & dedicated to upholding the Oath of Office (seriously).

The President is the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military force in the world, the CEO of the largest civilian employer in the country, the voice of the USA to the rest of the world, and a role model for the country’s youth.  Is integrity too much to ask?

The executive powers are assigned in Article II of the Constitution.  While those powers are extensive, they do not include the authority to pass, amend or repeal laws (Supreme Court rulings, not my opinion).  That authority is reserved for Congress.

We must keep term limits for the office of president.  A president for life could achieve almost dictatorial power, or at least use the time to overload the government with like-minded individuals through the president’s appointment authority.

What do I think of President Obama?  I respect him as a person and as our president, but I’m disappointed in the continuous stream of lies and misinformation from his administration, his far left agenda, his divisiveness, and his failure to hold subordinates responsible for their actions.  He’s a good speaker and if he was more moderate he probably could have settled some of our differences and really moved the nation forward.