Got Heroin? Thank a Democrat.

Hankering for heroin? Cracking up for cocaine? Thank President Obama and all the far-left progressives, including Hillary, who refuse to take the one action that would drastically reduce the supply of illegal drugs in the USA: secure our southern border.
Securing the border would be expensive, but so is spending more and more money on efforts that aren’t particularly effective at curbing the drug epidemic. Let’s look at them. Education is necessary but not sufficient. Every addict in this country probably experienced drug awareness teaching in school. Treatment of addiction makes more sense than jailing addicts but it’s hard for a recovering addict to stay clean with drugs on every corner. Computerized prescription tracking may cut the number of “doctor shoppers” but it’s a serious intrusion by government into the doctor-patient relationship. How long before a “czar” with no medical training dictates medical treatments? What happens when those databases are hacked (and all databases seem to get hacked) and homes with legitimate medications become robbery targets? Law enforcement works hard to arrest dealers but our prisons are revolving doors for street-level drug dealers and the top drug lords are well hidden. Federal efforts at patrolling the border are overwhelmed by it’s sheer length and by political correctness.
An open border doesn’t just bring in drugs. It brings in illegal weapons, drug cartel members, and violent gangs like MS-13. Drug abuse causes a host of other social problems too. Sharing needles spreads diseases like Hep-C and AIDS. Addicts have a hard time holding jobs or caring for their families. They may steal to support their habit or become abusive. Drug gangs stage open warfare on city streets, often killing innocent bystanders, and anyone who thinks more gun laws will make these thugs surrender their weapons must believe in unicorns. The only way to put drug gangs out of business is to cut off their supply of drugs.
Heroin and cocaine don’t come from a workshop at the North Pole; they come from south of the border, and until that border is secured people will be dying and law enforcement officials will be working with one hand tied behind their backs.
Build the fence now, for the safety of our children and security of our nation.

Undocumented Foreign Aid.

We’ve all heard complaints about how “undocumented workers” take US jobs and how technology companies are using H1B visas to depress wages and displace  US citizens.  Technology companies and IT departments are currently demanding an increase in H1B visa quotas even though there are US STEM graduates who are not working in their fields.  Did you ever wonder why governments of countries like India and Mexico want their citizens to come to the US so badly that they’ll even help their people to get here (other than to get rid of them)?  Do you wonder why our government goes along with it or why the socialist UN is so supportive of immigration into our nation?  It’s not just about “diversity”, it’s about dollars.

By sending billions of US dollars home these immigrants are providing their homelands with US foreign aid.

From our government’s viewpoint it is under-the-table foreign aid.  Those are billions of dollars flowing overseas that our elected officials in Congress don’t have to explain to the taxpayers.  Unfortunately those are also billions of dollars being drained from our economy that are not contributing to US growth.  Even the UN is happy because those billions of dollars represent wealth redistribution to underdeveloped nations, which is a stated objective of UN Agenda 21.

We can’t stop people from sending money overseas but we can manage immigration policies to put the US and it’s citizens first.  Start by denying the current demand for more H1B visas.  Then inversely index H1B visa quotas to STEM unemployment, i.e., as the number of unemployed STEM workers goes up the quota for foreign competitors goes down.  Secure the borders and stop all illegal immigration.  To discourage other nations from actively pursuing this under-the-table foreign aid Congress might even consider that money as part of the total foreign aid package, thus reducing the taxpayer funded portion.  The US is not the world’s sugar daddy.

E is for Epidemic

E is also for Enterovirus and Ebola, two diseases we’ve heard a lot about.  Before discussing them consider one simple fact.  The President, the CDC, and Immigration all have the authority and responsibility to secure our borders against foreign disease; in fact there’s a list of diseases that will prevent a legal immigrant from entering.  These include TB, plague, and hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola.  This administration failed.

Enterovirus EV-D68 reached epidemic levels, infecting children in almost every state, paralyzing some and killing others.  Enteroviruses, which include polio, have been around for years, but it’s a strange coincidence that this particularly virulent strain hit so hard right after illegal immigrants from Central America were distributed around the country just in time for school to start.  We don’t know what other diseases or parasites they carried because the CDC won’t release the facts.  We do know that an outbreak of measles is spreading in the Southwest.  Another coincidence?

Ebola reached epidemic levels in western Africa but not in North America.  It’s high fatality rate and long incubation period make it both fearsome and hard to contain.  There are only four hospitals in the US with containments certified for the deadliest diseases, of which Ebola is one, yet we’re told most hospitals can safely treat Ebola patients.  Yeah, sure.  Sending our troops to help contain Ebola in Africa is potentially a suicide mission.  Even highly trained and equipped health care workers caught Ebola.  The best containments to prevent Ebola from spreading in the US are our borders. Like terrorists, it’s better to keep diseases out than fight them once they’re here.  As soon as one traveler arrived from Africa with Ebola there should have been restrictions on arrivals from infected nations.  Other countries did.

The impact of a major epidemic could surpass the worst disaster movie, with riots, food shortages, and economic collapse.  We’ve heard all those, so consider a less-discussed scenario.  During the Black Death (1348-51), people didn’t understand that the plague was caused by germs hosted by fleas hosted by rats, but they did observe it spread faster in crowded cities, so some fled to the countryside.  What would happen today if large numbers of people fled big cities and arrived in small ones expecting food, shelter and medical care?  Martial law is a sorry response to a situation that could be prevented by government officials doing their jobs.

Politicized agencies are ineffective agencies. Politicized agency heads must be replaced.

We are not barbarians. A look at prison reform.

The US has more people in prison per capita than any other nation.  Commercial prison companies like the income but their earnings are our tax dollars and crowded prisons make us look rather barbaric to the rest of the world.  To reduce the prison population, start with a threat assessment.  Who presents the greatest threat to the average person, violent criminals, that’s who.  Here’s my reform plan.

Abolish minimum sentencing requirements for nonviolent offenders and find alternative sentencing options unless the crime is extreme.  Using GPS technology we can allow a nonviolent offender to continue working, get medical attention, and attend scheduled religious services while still effectively keeping that person from having much fun, i.e., still making it a punishment.  Financial restitution to victims is mandatory in all cases.  Obviously alternative sentencing has it’s limits and after three strikes it may mean jail time (but not necessarily life).  Extreme cases like embezzling millions of dollars warrant prison.  So do deliberate lies that send an innocent person to prison (lex talionis – make the penalty year for year).

Up to one-third of inmates are illegal immigrants.  They should face immediate deportation upon completion of their sentences and should not be released to the streets where they can vanish.  We are under no obligation to harbor the world’s criminals.  Why would any administration want to keep the crime rate unnecessarily high unless it serves another agenda?

Establish minimum sentencing for violent crimes and sex offenses.  Those are the people we need to keep off the streets.  No one wants to see a rapist or killer get off with probation, and they shouldn’t.

Finally, we have a high recidivism rate.  Take an honest look at what works and what doesn’t for rehabilitation programs in prison.  Make one better and get rid of the other.  Obviously inmates without a high school education should get a GED as the minimum.  Low level convicts (not rapists or murderers) might be able to earn time off their sentence by completing higher education goals.

What about allowing felons to vote upon completion of their sentence to help them reintegrate into society?  Yes and no.  They should have voting rights restored after a first offense, but repeat felony offenders should lose that right as they’re not trying to integrate into honest society.

Illegal or Undocumented: They make the choice.

Political correctness has dictated that those formerly called “illegal immigrants” should now be called “undocumented workers”.  Actually both terms apply and that the choice is made by the immigrants, not by us.  An undocumented worker is one who entered the country seeking work and has kept a reasonably clean record.  An illegal immigrant is one who is here to commit crime, either alone or as a member of a drug cartel or violent gang.  Even those who entered the country legally become illegal when they commit crimes.  Undocumented workers can have a work visa and possibly a path to citizenship; illegal immigrants have only a path to the border (see #1 of previous discussion).

First deport the criminals (convictions in US or home nation), including felons, violent misdemeanor offenders, drug dealers, sex offenders, multiple DUI offenders, prostitutes, gang members, and other undesirables.  Deport those who have abandoned children in their home country in order to leave.  The US has no obligation to harbor criminals and doing so makes the government an accessory to their crimes.  Whether or not they’re students is irrelevant, only their criminal record counts. When illegals are released from prison they will be turned over to Immigration for deportation, not released to the streets.  The government shall also intensify efforts to rid the country of several large violent illegal immigrant gangs.  Incidentally, not all immigrant gangs are cartel related; some were formed by Hondurans who fled violence in their country only to bring it here.

Pass Kate’s Law. She was murdered by an illegal immigrant felon with a stolen gun. The only word the President saw was “gun” and he made it a gun control issue rather than a border control issue. This felon had been deported multiple times. Kate didn’t choose to die. That choice was made by a negligent Federal government and the self-righteous PC residents of San Francisco who put immigrant felons ahead of US citizens. Sanctuary cities should be outlawed as part of “reform”.

Although I said US citizenship can’t be stolen, it is neither practical nor humanitarian to deport millions of people who just want work.  Let’s drop the PC term “path to citizenship” and discuss amnesty, which it really is.  It must start with a legal working status, with ultimate citizenship depending on integration, self-sufficiency, and a clean record.  It must be done so that those who followed the legal path aren’t made to feel like suckers.  Proposals so far have included a waiting period, paying a fine and estimated back taxes, and learning English.   Let’s add some more specifics.

The requirements listed above will not have loopholes.  To do so insults those who followed the law.  Someone who has been in the US for 10 years or more and hasn’t learned any English probably isn’t interested in citizenship.  How well an immigrant has integrated into this country may affect work visa or citizenship paths.  Integration factors would include buying a house, attending college or trade school, or sending children to college.

Amnesty will not be open-ended.  Those who have were in the country as of the specified date will have a window in which to apply for legal status.  Every effort will be made to get the word out but final responsibility rests with the immigrants to apply within the time limit.  Applicants who pass the background check will have legal status immediately.  Anyone who fails to apply will face  deportation.

The specified date before which undocumented workers must be in the country to qualify for the program should be 5 years before the law takes effect, but not later than December 31, 2011.  It was in 2012 that the President effectively opened the borders in violation of the law.

The waiting period for citizenship of 10 years could be shortened for any immigrant who previously served in the US military as long as they were not dishonorably discharged, in which case they would face deportation.

Never again.  It’s been said before but this time we mean it.  Amnesty will be accompanied by increased border security.  It will also include aggressive prosecution of employers who hire anyone not legally authorized to work in the US.  If we have to fine a few crooked operators out of business to get the message across, then so be it.  They are undermining all the businesses that obey the law.