When a right becomes a law it’s no longer a right.

The President has suggested that mandatory voting would be a good idea, stating that the poor and immigrants are typically underrepresented at the polls.  Actually it’s a really bad idea. The word “right” implies that you have a choice regarding whether or not to exercise it. Paying taxes isn’t a right, it’s mandatory.  Attending religious services is a right because the state can’t force you to do it.  Owning a gun is a right but progressives would happily deprive you of that right to self defense.  Voting is a right that is traditionally reserved for citizens, and while it would be nice to think that every citizen votes and does so knowledgably it just won’t happen.  What we have is another attempt by liberals to buy votes from the poor to create a one-party socialist state.  Here are some other ways it’s bad for the people of the USA.

It’s about more control.  It’s yet another way of tracking every individual’s actions through a government mandate.

It’s about advancing collectivism.  It’s the process of getting the population to move as a herd rather than as thinking individuals.

It’s about higher taxes.  Imagine the cost of verifying that everyone has voted.  In fact it’s hard to imagine that this could be done without a voter ID program, something liberals hate.

It’s a waste of law enforcement time and money.  Shouldn’t the police be apprehending robbers, rapists, and murderers rather than chasing non-voters?  Would they send SWAT teams?  As I said before, laws shouldn’t criminalize noncriminal behavior.

It’s a waste of welfare money.  If a poor person is fined for not voting that fine will be paid with welfare dollars, the tax dollars of working families.

It’s a step towards a police state.  While a few “free” countries may have mandatory voting it’s traditionally a hallmark of a dictatorship.

Here are four steps to improve citizen participation without raising taxes or bringing down the heavy hand of Big Brother:

Citizenship education begins in school, with courses in civics and history.  Return to the idea that civics isn’t just about laws but also about instilling a sense of pride in this nation and it’s heritage.  Teach history in the context of the time.  To condemn early Americans for owning slaves without acknowledging that slavery was widespread at that time and still exists in some places today is biased.  To claim that European explorers arrived to devastate an idyllic world is a lie.  The Aztecs were as brutal a civilization as has ever existed, slaughtering thousands every year to appease their gods.  Tell bratty college students who want to ban our flag that their school will lose all taxpayer support and they must cover the full cost of their education by themselves (choice and consequences again).  Teaching young people to hate their nation won’t inspire them to vote as responsible citizens.

Reform welfare to being a hand up, not a handout.  Liberals don’t help the poor, they exploit the poor.  Helping the poor doesn’t mean guaranteeing a lifetime income, it means supporting them on a path to productive independence as I proposed with the ISIC plan.  Many would welcome such an opportunity.  As for those who think they’re entitled to lifetime support, ask them why working families should support their choice to be lazy. Then tell them when their benefits expire.

Make English our official language and require immigrants to learn it well enough to manage everyday life tasks, including voting.  It’s impossible to accommodate every language in the world and no other nation does it.  A common language unites a nation.

Cut election fraud.  It’s easy to say “why bother” if you believe that fraud will overwhelm your vote.  I see nothing wrong with voter ID laws as long as non-driver IDs are provided free of charge to those who don’t have drivers licenses or passports.  We need an ID for virtually everything in this country today.  Even without that measure, cities could require proof of citizenship & residency for new voter registration and they could exercise tighter control over the voter rolls.  If the Social Security Department knows when a person dies the city clerk should know as well and remove that person from the rolls.

Dictatorships require people to vote, free nations inspire people to vote.

Wherefore Art Thou, Shakespeare?

Common Core reduces the reading of classics in English classes so students will spend more time reading “factual material”.  Isn’t that what they’re supposed to be reading in science and history classes?  Here are five good reasons to keep reading the classics in school:

  1. They develop critical thinking skills, i.e., how to think, not just what to think. When students have to struggle with “Hamlet” it’s good for their developing brains. Students also learn that “classic” doesn’t have to mean boring. “Moby Dick” is an adventure tale, “Macbeth” is as gruesome as a modern vampire story, and “Wuthering Heights” is a dramatic romance novel.  Young people won’t learn much about life on a sailing ship by watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” but they can read a first-hand account in Dana’s “Two Years Before the Mast”. There’s something for everyone.
  2. Through these books students learn how authors of the past dealt with many of the same problems people face today, and how attitudes have changed. They provide opportunities for assignments on comparisons of different works.
  3. Students learn history while learning about the authors. How did the authors live in classical Greece, Elizabethan England, or pre-revolutionary Russia? The stories themselves yield insight as to what life was like at the time. Mark Twain’s books have been criticized as racist but that’s how society was during his life. Denying the past doesn’t change it, it just makes people unable to understand the present.
  4. The classics can stimulate imagination and imagination is part of a healthy childhood. Imagination also stimulates creativity and creativity has been the foundation of US advancement in fields like technology.
  5. The classics provide a link to our past, our culture, and our heritage.       Progressives like to deny that the USA has a unique cultural heritage, but it does. Extremists throughout the ages have burned books in an effort to erase the past and we’re seeing it happen even today in the Mideast. While the classics can’t be erased by burning they can be marginalized by dismissal.

As for that “factual material”, who determines what it is?  If students are reading about how the Large Hadron Collider is used to research elementary particles they’re studying factual material that belongs in physics class.  If they’re reading about “white privilege” they’re reading a leftist theory about why the world is so “unfair”.  Indoctrination is not education. Some of the new material isn’t factual at all, it’s fiction, specifically science fiction. Schools intend to add reading science fiction novels related to climate change, a genre named “cli-fi”. This doesn’t teach kids meteorology or Earth Science, it prepares them to vote for progressive Democrats as soon as they’re old enough to vote.

Common Core is designed to transform schools so that they will turn out obedient workers.  That’s how school works in China, where students learn to be productive workers but to always think “inside the box”.  So where’s the creativity?  They may make various Apple products but those products were conceived and designed by creative people here in the USA.  An immigrant from China recently remarked that Common Core looks a lot like the Chinese school system.  If you think that J.S. Mill’s warning about public schools is old fashioned you might want to heed the words of this present day immigrant.  Common Core is one more step to subordinating the individual to the collective, that’s all.

Assignment 1: Christopher Marlowe was a contemporary of Shakespeare. If you haven’t read his “Doctor Faustus”, do so.

Press 1 for Equality.

English has been the language of the USA since the nation was formed, and it’s time to make it our official language.  The USA cannot adopt the language of any one immigrant group without instantly discriminating against other immigrants who have an equal right to accommodation of their languages; it’s all or none to be fair to all.  Liberals who love “globalization” but cry racism at this idea should look at the global picture.  You cannot move into any other country in the world and demand that it adopt your language.  A common language helps to unite a nation.  Official English would not prohibit any family, immigrant or otherwise, from teaching their children their native language; it would simply make English the language for conducting business, education, and government affairs.  This would save money by reducing the number of forms that are printed in foreign languages and eliminate job discrimination because an applicant doesn’t speak a foreign language.  Obviously you must speak Spanish to be a Spanish teacher but you shouldn’t have to in order to work in a major retail store

It’s true that Canada has two official languages, English and French, but that has been the case since the nation was formed.  Bilingualism is guaranteed in the Canadian “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, which, incidentally, makes interesting reading.  If you follow the news you’d also know that the one province where French is the predominate language, Quebec, is also the one that periodically has referendums to separate from Canada.