President-Elect Trump

Congratulations to President-elect Donald J. Trump.  His is not just a personal victory; it’s a victory for conservatives who are tired of a socialist agenda, it’s a victory for middle USA voters, and it’s a victory for freedom.  Hillary would have continued President Obama’s assault on the Bill of Rights and Soros’ globalist agenda.  Now we will have a president who will stand up for our sovereignty and put our citizens first.  We will have a president who wants to strengthen our weakened military, modernize our aging infrastructure, revitalize industry, and restore global respect to our nation.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at times, particularly when his poll numbers were climbing and then he’d say something that would rally the liberal media against him, but in the end Hillary’s own dishonesty and corruption defeated her.  After eight years of a liberal politician in the White House it will be good to give a businessman a chance at running the country.

The Electoral College system worked as it should too, giving those middle USA voters a voice that’s long been suppressed by high-population left-wing states.  California “values” aren’t everyone’s values and shouldn’t be forced on everyone.  Anyone who wants to live in California, aka Mexifornia, is free to do so.  Personally I don’t think of Che Guevera or Chairman Mao as heroes nor do I consider the former Soviet Union to be the ideal model for a state.

Those who say that Trump threatens civil rights are ignoring the fact that we have civil rights laws that a president can’t override.  No president can direct that women be paid less than men or that Blacks must sit at the back of the bus.  What he can do is rescind previous executive orders that did override existing laws and tell agencies like Immigration to do their jobs.  He and his Supreme Court appointees can also uphold the Bill of Rights, something that liberals see as an obstacle to their socialist agenda.  Maybe he could even end the leftist indoctrination in public schools that has young children frightened and holding protest signs that they don’t even understand.  Should we be training the next generation to accept serfdom?

Liberalism is socialism and socialism is total control of people and their property.

We the people want the president to be honest & dedicated to upholding the Oath of Office (seriously).

The President is the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military force in the world, the CEO of the largest civilian employer in the country, the voice of the USA to the rest of the world, and a role model for the country’s youth.  Is integrity too much to ask?

The executive powers are assigned in Article II of the Constitution.  While those powers are extensive, they do not include the authority to pass, amend or repeal laws (Supreme Court rulings, not my opinion).  That authority is reserved for Congress.

We must keep term limits for the office of president.  A president for life could achieve almost dictatorial power, or at least use the time to overload the government with like-minded individuals through the president’s appointment authority.

What do I think of President Obama?  I respect him as a person and as our president, but I’m disappointed in the continuous stream of lies and misinformation from his administration, his far left agenda, his divisiveness, and his failure to hold subordinates responsible for their actions.  He’s a good speaker and if he was more moderate he probably could have settled some of our differences and really moved the nation forward.