A Common Core Math Lesson: Right Is Wrong

A third grade student was asked to solve the multiplication problem 5×3 by repeated addition. The student responded with 5+5+5=15 and was told that’s wrong. It was supposed to be 3+3+3+3+3=15.
Now Common Core advocates claim that it’s math is cumbersome in order to teach basic math principles. The fact that AxB=BxA is a basic principle called the commutative property. So, what’s really going on?
What’s going on is teaching obedience to authority. It’s “my way or the highway”. It’s “you’re wrong because I say so”. It’s what political correctness demonstrates every day: that speaking the truth is wrong if anyone is “offended” enough to protest. It’s better to deny the truth than stray from the party line.
As I mentioned in “Common Core: Teach the Test!” this is the system that J. S. Mill warned against in 1859; a system to turn out obedient workers for the state. It’s also being used to undermine our cultural heritage.
Since the Federal government got involved in education costs have skyrocketed while achievement has not, and Common Core represents the final Federal takeover of public schools. Their next step will be to use money to gain control of public colleges and impose “Common Core 2.0” on them.
There is only one solution. Abolish the unconstitutional Department of Education, move their fund distribution function to Health and Human Services, give the schools a simple mandate like my “Mission Statement for Schools”, and return control to the states, the cities, and the parents.

Competition breeds excellence, control breeds mediocrity.

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