Iran: No Nukes Are Good Nukes

The theocracy of Iran says it only wants nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, e.g., power generation.  Even if we’re naïve enough to believe that Iran won’t pursue development of nuclear weapons and missiles for the purpose of eradicating Its neighbors, why would we want them to have nuclear power plants?  Liberals and environmentalists haven’t allowed nuclear power plants to be built in the USA for decades, so if they’re bad for the environment here they’re just as bad over there.  If solar energy is the way of the future tell Iran to buy solar panels.  They certainly have enough sunlight and solar arrays don’t produce radioactive materials that could be used by terrorists in “dirty bombs”.  The world doesn’t need a nuclear arms race in the already unstable Mideast.

Why do we support deals that benefit hostile nations?  Iran has proven that it can’t be trusted, so any deal that enables them to build nuclear weapons or advance terrorism in the future is a bad deal for future generations.

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