The Patagonian Toothfish

The Patagonian Toothfish is a toothy fish that lives in the cold waters north of Antarctica.  It’s also a very tasty fish, but “Toothfish” lacks consumer appeal so the marketing folks in the fishing industry rebranded it as Chilean Sea Bass, even though it’s not a member of the bass family.  Thanks largely to that rebranding it could become an endangered fish as high demand has made it so expensive that fishing pirates are overharvesting it.  Only 60% of the store stock is certified as sustainable.

This post isn’t just about ecology, however; it’s to demonstrate the power of rebranding.  Socialists, communists, and others who believe that big, expensive, intrusive government that controls every aspect of your life is the answer to everything have rebranded themselves as “progressives”.  That term has a positive tone because people like to think they’re making progress.  The real question is “progress to what?”.  Progress toward collectivism is progress away from individuality, progress toward dependence is progress away from independence, and progress toward Big Brother is progress away from liberty.

In conclusion, don’t buy Chilean Sea Bass that isn’t certified sustainable or the lies that progressives try to sell you.  Your freedom could become an endangered species.

Update 2016:  Classic rebranding: Progressives are trying to rebrand their “gun control” agenda as “gun safety”, an effort led by billionaire dictator Bloomberg.  Let’s clarify the distinction between safety and control.

Gun safety consists of the actions taken by responsible individuals to ensure that their firearms don’t endanger themselves or other innocent people.  Such actions include training in safe handling and use of firearms, regular practice to reinforce safety rules and maintain proficiency, firearm maintenance, secure storage so that children can’t get unsupervised access, and not mixing guns with alcohol or drugs.

Gun control consists of the actions taken by the state against responsible individuals to infringe on their right to enjoy shooting sports or defend themselves from violent criminals.  Such actions include ever increasing and complicated laws that turn honest people into criminals while doing nothing to stop real criminals, banning ergonomic features like pistol grips and adjustable rifle stocks that have nothing to do with firepower but look scary, punitive taxes, and even confiscation.


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