Laws should deter criminals, not create them.

Laws are supposed to deter crime and punish criminals, not persecute honest citizens.  An increasing number of laws favored by liberals do nothing to stop crime but do restrict, and in some cases criminalize, formerly legal behavior.  It’s a liberal power grab, and it’s about control of the people, not law enforcement.

Start with the proposed ban on virtually all ivory trading.  Ivory has been worked into beautiful art for centuries, and is prized by collectors, but sculptors of past centuries didn’t provide “certificates of authenticity”.  The ban would prohibit trade, and even estate transfers, of most ivory items with the stated goal of protecting elephants from poaching.  There is, and has been for years, an illegal ivory trade, with much of today’s demand coming from Asia (like the prized rhino horns).  The ban will do nothing to stop it, but it will criminalize honest collectors.  Some will move their trades underground and become criminals.  Others will see their private property seized and destroyed with the same blind zealotry that the Taliban showed in destroying ancient Buddhist statues.  How does destroying antiquities protect elephants?  It’s just another way socialists seek to subjugate the population.

Now consider the mandatory firearms registration in Connecticut and New York.  This won’t stop the next armed robbery, gang fight, or psycho rampage.  It does, however, criminalize honest people who legally bought guns but fail to register them.  Registration doesn’t stop crime, but it does pave the way to confiscation next time some nutcase shoots people, thus denying the basic human right of self defense in one’s own home to honest citizens.

Some see the second item as a 2nd amendment issue, but both are issues regarding private property.  The notion that legally acquired property is not really yours, but that it can be taken by the government at any time, is the antithesis of freedom.

While on the subject of property, a disconcerting recent liberal statement says that the state owns our children.  Maybe that was true in Nazi Germany but it’s not true here.  No one owns another human being, but parents own the responsibility to raise their children.  The state has no right to step in unless the parents are criminally negligent or abusive.  Locking your kids in a cage and starving them is criminal abuse; letting them enjoy a “Happy Meal” is not.  Sorry, libs.


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