Where are the parents?

Every time I see a child running around a store knocking things off shelves or bothering patrons in a restaurant, I ask “Where are the parents?”.  Why aren’t you teaching your children respect for others and their property?  That’s your responsibility.

Every time I hear of an unattended child dying in a pool, bathtub or hot car, I ask “Where are the parents?”.  Why did you leave your child in a potentially unsafe situation?  If your child isn’t old enough to be responsible in a particular situation and no other adult acknowledges and accepts that responsibility, then you are responsible.

Every time I hear of a child finding a gun at home and shooting someone, I ask “Where are the parents?”.  Responsible gun ownership includes securing firearms from children who shouldn’t have unsupervised access to them.

When I heard that schools increasingly have to call authorities to deal with students, I ask “Where are the parents?”.  Parents have a responsibility to teach children to behave, to motivate them to attend school, to see that homework is done, to attend any teacher conferences, and to get them medical help if they need it.

There’s that annoying word “responsibility” again and again.  Forget the liberal “It takes a village”.  It takes responsible parents to raise a child.  If you think parental responsibility for a child ends at birth do everyone a favor and don’t have children.

We have seen “the village” and don’t like it.  It was called the Soviet Union.


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