Zero tolerance = infinite intolerance.

Zero tolerance policies became popular in schools in the 1990’s.  Some are reasonable, some are robotic codes that teach children nothing about justice, and one is liberalism gone mad.

Zero tolerance makes sense for real deadly weapons, drug trafficking, and other illegal activities.  I also support zero tolerance of replica guns, typically BB guns that are almost indistinguishable from real ones that could be used to take hostages or get the kid holding one shot by police.

Offenses that violate policy but wouldn’t land an adult in jail should be handled on a “let the punishment fit the crime” basis rather than a  “one size fits all” preprogrammed response.  Schools should deal first with the student, then with the parents, and only involve outside authorities if the situation gets out of control.  I’m a strong believer in parental responsibility.

What about zero tolerance for toys?  That might be funny were it not for the inherent dangers of it.  Children have been suspended from school for having toy action figures with inch-long plastic weapons.  Can anyone say with a straight face that those little green army men could shoot anyone?  Has anyone died from a splash from a plastic water pistol?  Aside from unnecessarily traumatizing a child this could have repercussions later in life.  Someone in high school could unearth the record and the bullying could start.  Years after that a prospective employer could find a partial record and deny employment to someone who was suspended for “bringing a gun to school”.  Maybe the trauma is intentional, with the intent being to induce a fear response every time children hear the word “gun”.  Using Pavlovian conditioning on children is inhuman but I wouldn’t put it past the far left.  A basic tenet of socialism is that the end justifies the means.

Maybe if we let kids be kids (play with toys, use their imagination, etc.) instead of trying to make them into miniature PC adults they’d have fewer mental health issues later in life.


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