“Let Freedom Ring”

If you’ve ever sung “America”, a song that seems to have fallen out of favor, you’ll recognize those words.  That song was intentionally set to the tune of England’s “God Save the King (or Queen)” and that’s the song we’d be singing today were it not for the patriots who wrote the Declaration of Independence and went on to build a new nation.  So why has the left turned the word “patriot” into a derogatory label?  Yes, there are some far-right extremists who want to fight the establishment with force but they’re a minority.  There are easily more far-left extremists who want to destroy our nation and it’s way of life, doing it slowly through dependency, youth indoctrination, lies, misinformation,  fear, and subjugation.  Most patriots just want a return to Constitutional values and they want to do It legally.  They want a smaller, less expensive, and less intrusive Federal government.  They want government officials held accountable for their actions.  They want all the rights the Constitution granted to people and the states.  They want people to be responsible for their lives rather than depending on the government.  They want government to be a good steward of our tax dollars and public lands.  Some honesty from our officials would be nice too.  The nation’s founders feared a large, domineering central government.  Their concept was that the central government would deal with national defense and international affairs while states retained many controls over internal matters.  What happened?

Patriots want leaders who put the USA first, above parties and above foreign interests, including the UN.  Our president once said “put America first” but his actions say he didn’t mean it.


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