Give me three for sovereignty

The Senate shall ratify no treaty that taxes US citizens or infringes on their legal rights within the borders of the USA.

If you believe the leader of any other country has the right to dictate what we do in our homes or levy a tax on us you’re free to move to their country.  This is a rejection of the “one world” concept that is nothing but a socialist effort at control of people and global redistribution of wealth.  The world is too diverse to have “one world”, the best we can do is cooperate with one another while retaining our individuality.

There is no law in the US except US law.

This is a rejection of some peoples’ demands that the laws (or even customs) of other countries should apply here, even if they conflict with our laws.  Again, if you find our legal system offensive you’re free to leave.  A common example is Sharia Law, which some advocate for.  It’s incompatible with US law in many ways, and here’s one example: Sharia Law allows a man to beat his wife.  With states toughening laws on domestic violence how could the country legalize it for one group?

Our Constitutional rights don’t globe-hop with us.  If you’re charged with a crime in another country you’ll be tried under their laws, maybe more than once if they don’t have protection against double jeopardy.  Unless we have a reciprocity agreement with another nation their laws don’t apply here.  That doesn’t mean you can’t be extradited if you commit a crime overseas and return home.  If we have an extradition treaty with that country you can be returned to face trial.

The US shall manage it’s foreign debt so that no other nation acquires undue influence or power over us.

Debt empowers the debt holder.  A nation that holds a large amount of US debt gains undue influence in policy making.  If large enough that debt could even be used as an economic weapon during a crisis.  The government must act first in the interest of it’s own people, not the will of debt holders.


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