Press 1 for Equality.

English has been the language of the USA since the nation was formed, and it’s time to make it our official language.  The USA cannot adopt the language of any one immigrant group without instantly discriminating against other immigrants who have an equal right to accommodation of their languages; it’s all or none to be fair to all.  Liberals who love “globalization” but cry racism at this idea should look at the global picture.  You cannot move into any other country in the world and demand that it adopt your language.  A common language helps to unite a nation.  Official English would not prohibit any family, immigrant or otherwise, from teaching their children their native language; it would simply make English the language for conducting business, education, and government affairs.  This would save money by reducing the number of forms that are printed in foreign languages and eliminate job discrimination because an applicant doesn’t speak a foreign language.  Obviously you must speak Spanish to be a Spanish teacher but you shouldn’t have to in order to work in a major retail store

It’s true that Canada has two official languages, English and French, but that has been the case since the nation was formed.  Bilingualism is guaranteed in the Canadian “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, which, incidentally, makes interesting reading.  If you follow the news you’d also know that the one province where French is the predominate language, Quebec, is also the one that periodically has referendums to separate from Canada.


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