Every yin has it’s yang: rights and responsibilities.

Your rights end where mine begin because you are responsible to respect my rights.

Everyone talks about rights, Constitutional rights, legal rights, and even informal rights.  Responsibilities, well, not so much.  The word “responsibility” seems to convey a sense of burden.  Responsibilities are everywhere, a natural part of life, so get used to it.  If you are a citizen you have the right to vote.  You also have a responsibility to vote and to do so in an informed manner.  If you give up this right, i.e., fail in this responsibility, you have no business complaining when you don’t like what the government is doing.  I vote in every election: national, state, and local.  Percentagewise your vote counts more locally than nationally yet local elections tend to have lower turnouts.  Don’t ignore your community.

The US was built by people who accepted responsibilities and it won’t be sustained by those who shirk them.


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