Just because you can make it complicated doesn’t mean you should.

Everyone has heard about fraud, waste, abuse, pork, goofy grants, etc., but there’s another vampire sucking on our economy.  It’s overhead.  Now some overhead is essential to running any program but excess overhead is a nonproductive use of resources.  Business figured this out years ago and responded by cutting management levels, improving communication, eliminating duplication, seeking best practices, modifying supply and distribution chains, and taking advantage of technology.  The government hasn’t gotten the message: our systems are too complicated.  Every time technology enables more data tracking the government demands more data.  Washington is always issuing new rules but programs don’t get simplified (or eliminated if they haven’t proven to accomplish their objective).  Our convoluted income tax code is a prime example of excess overhead, as are health care administration and the alphabet soup of welfare programs.  No one benefits from all this wasted effort.

The economy is a car, efficiency is the gas, excess overhead is the brake, so which do you step on to get moving?


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