The Constitution hasn’t failed us in 200 years. Don’t give up on it now.

The Preamble to the Constitution is essentially it’s mission statement. It begins “We the people”. That phrase means that the government exists for the people, not vice versa. President Abraham Lincoln reaffirmed this in his Gettysburg Address when he spoke of the “government of the people, by the people, and for the people”. Sometimes it seems that those three opening words have been forgotten.

The Constitution then proceeds to establish three branches of government with checks and balances so that, at least theoretically, no one branch assumes too much power, and goes on to assign specific duties to each branch. Since a significant number of citizens can’t even name the branches I’ll say a little about each as I go along. Powers not assigned to the Federal government are reserved for the states.

Some say that the Constitution is outdated and no longer relevant. Well, it has a procedure to amend it so if “We the people” really don’t like parts of it we can change them, but don’t throw it out.

There are a couple of dinosaurs in the Constitution, but I’ll suggest a museum later.

If you haven’t read the Constitution in years why not do it now? There are also some very readable books on it that don’t get bogged down in legalese.


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