About US Agenda 22.

What US Agenda 22 is:

US Agenda 22 is about the future, the next century in fact. The children born in 2100 will either benefit from or suffer from the choices we make today.
The USA has experienced a remarkable two centuries. In 1776 a group of colonies declared independence from a monarchy, formed a nation, and that nation has grown into an economic and military superpower. It hasn’t always been easy, but, driven by a spirit of independence and entrepreneurship while simultaneously being stabilized by a growing middle class, it has succeeded without losing sight of it’s roots. Some say that it’s best days are in the past. Is that true? What will the USA that future generations inherit look like? Will it be an Orwellian prison or a decadent “Brave New World”? Will it be bought out by China, conquered from without, or will it fall apart from within? Maybe it will just be a “has-been”.
What the future will be is in the hands of “We the People”, at least according to our Constitution. Thus, the purpose of US Agenda 22 is to look to that future, identify where we might be headed in the wrong, or maybe right, directions, and propose actions that will keep us competitive in the world while still keeping us strong, secure, and free.

What US Agenda 22 isn’t:

US Agenda 22 is not an official US government publication.

It isn’t a political front.  I’m not a politician.  I don’t work for any organization, candidate, party, PAC, industrial consortium, labor union, think tank, or foreign entity.  If my status changes I’ll disclose that fact.  I’m a concerned adult citizen.  My views tend to be fiscally conservative, socially moderate, pro-Constitution and with a touch of Libertarianism.  If you’re far left or right, you may want to leave now.  If you put your country before your party, stick around.

It isn’t a “gripe-for-the-sake-of-griping” blog.  That’s a time-waster. When I say something should change I’ll try to provide specific recommendations, models, or at least some thoughts that others could develop.  My ideas aren’t the only ones and probably not the best ones, but they may provoke thought, and thinking citizens are what have made the USA a success.  Since a significant number of citizens can’t even name the three branches of government I’ll make a few comments on the Constitution and those branches along the way.

It isn’t a radical blog.  Any suggestions that I make are peaceful and workable within our system of government.  That’s not to say they would be easy.  Some may seem draconian, they’ll usually avoid  socialism, but they will always be focused on maintaining a vibrant economy, a strong defense, and the freedom that this country has offered it’s citizens.


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